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Searching Genus for TRILLIUM

This genus includes 30-50 species primarily distributed in Asia and North America. Mostly spring blooming and, with a few exceptions, deciduous woodland plants. They have underground rhizomes; some species develop a many-stemmed clump, others a dense colony. Whorls of foliage and solitary flowers in white, yellow, green, brown, rose or purple, occasionally bicoloured. After flowering, a fleshy berry is formed. Most species are long lived ornamentals. For optimum growth give them a deep, moist soil in bright, half or fully shaded conditions. They will, however grow in less than ideal conditions.

TRILLIUM cernuum (Moist Packed) New Late Spring-Early Summer3518
Nodding Trillium25-50cm  Zone: 2
Native to central and north-eastern North America growing in moist, usually acidic woods. Under a whorl of three ovate leaves, nodding three-petalled white to pale-pink flowers, with distinctive purple stamens. Noticeable green sepals are spaced between the petals, which are sharply recurved. Beautiful pink seed pods follow. This very hardy Trillium occurs as far north as James Bay but is not widespread in our area. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Seed is ephemeral and sent out moist packed from fresh harvest each year.
30 seeds  $5.00   

TRILLIUM erectum (Moist Packed) New Late Spring3514
Purple Trillium20-40cm  Zone: 3
One of the most common Trilliums growing in rich woods throughout north eastern North America. The solitary, nodding flower rises on a stalk above a whorl of 3 broadly ovate, diamond-shaped leaves. The flowers are 2.5" wide with 3 petals, maroon or reddish-brown and 3 green sepals. Fruit is an oval, reddish berry. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Seed is moist packed to preserve viability.
30 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

TRILLIUM undulatum (Moist Packed) New Late Spring3516
Painted Trillium20-50cm  Zone: 4
Native to moist, acid woods from Manitoba to New England and south. The erect, stalked flowers have an inverted pink V at the base of each white, wavy-edged petal. Bluish-green and wavy foliage. Seed wild collected in Ontario. Limited this year.
Germination Instructions: Seed is moist-packed to preserve viability.
30 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

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