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Searching Genus for Primula

A large genus of over 400 species native throughout the northern hemisphere.

There is no better reference and visual guide to the genus Primula than that of our own Canadian, Pamela Eveleigh of Calgary, Alberta. Do visit, learn and drool over the fantastic photo gallery.

PRIMULA incanaSummer2897
Mealy Primrose40cm  Zone: 2
Native to parts of central and western North America growing in alkaline clay soil in floodplains and moist open meadows. A heavily farinose species with a small rosette. Clear pale pink flowers in summer. Seed wild collected with our thanks by Cohan Fulford in Alberta.

From the Flora Of North America: Primula incana is usually heavily farinose, at least when young, and has relatively tall scapes and tight umbels of homostylous flowers. As with some species of the genus, anthesis often begins before the scape is fully elongated; plants at first are quite small, but elongate throughout anthesis and typically become relatively tall and lanky in age. This has led to confusion with other arctic species, especially P. stricta, which has considerably less farina, a shorter scape, and a more maritime distribution. In fruiting stage, P. incana has been confused with P. laurentiana, which has looser umbels throughout anthesis, larger flowers, and a more eastern distribution. Primula incana generally replaces P. laurentiana to the west and south of Hudson Bay. The single octoploid count for P. incana is questionable; the species appears to be consistently hexaploid in other counts.

Photograph: Cohan Fulford.
Germination Instructions: GA-3 recommended for germination.
30+ seeds  $4.50   

PRIMULA japonica (Miller's Crimson)2841
The magenta-red form of the Japanese Primrose. Very lovely.
Germination Instructions: Requires cold treatment.
50 seeds  $4.25   

PRIMULA laurentianaLate Spring2843
10-20cm  Zone: 3
"Laurentiana" (from the St. Lawrence). Occurs in maritime eastern Canada and into the USA, ranging from calcareous cliffs and ledges, stony hillsides, to freshwater marsh areas. A farinose species with lilac to pinkish-purple flowers with an orange-yellow eye, fading to orange, and a yellow tube. Seed wild collected in Nova Scotia.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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