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Searching Genus for MYRICA

Evergreen or deciduous shrubs and trees. Alternate, simple leaves are aromatic. Inconspicuous flowers. Round, purplish or grey berries, with a waxy covering, appear in fall.

MYRICA galeEarly Summer2370
Sweet Gale, Bog Myrtle30-60cm  Zone: 2
Native to Europe and North America, growing in bogs and waterside. A small deciduous shrub with grey-green foliage, wonderfully aromatic when crushed. Small, white insignificant flowers are followed by nutlike catkins in fall. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: GA-3 recommended for germination.
30 seeds  $4.25   

MYRICA pensylvanicaSpring2371
Northern Bayberry1-3m  Zone: 2
Native to eastern North America, growing in coastal areas and to my mind, the shrub I most associate with Nova Scotia. This semi-evergreen species (mostly deciduous in the north) has an upright habit and can form colonies in the wild. The deep green, leathery foliage is lustrous and beautifully aromatic, when crushed. Insignificant flowers in spring are followed by ornamental, waxy gray-green fruits, ripening to a chalky blue, used to make bayberry candles. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
15 seeds  $4.00   

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