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Searching Genus for ILLIAMNA

7 perennials or subshrubs native to North America with an erect, bushy habit, palmate leaves and flowers in spikes or racemes.

ILLIAMNA remotaAll Summer1907
150cm  Zone: 4
This is a rare and splendid species native to Illinois with an extremely long flowering period. Densely hairy stems and large, deeply lobed greyish-green leaves. This handsome plant bears all summer tall spires adorned with an abundance of delicate, but distinctive rose-mauve flowers. Relatively new to cultivation and highly recommended.
Germination Instructions: Seed requires sandpapering.
30 seeds  $4.00   

ILLIAMNA rivularisAll Summer1906
Mountain Hollyhock120cm  Zone: 4
This native of western North America, from California to BC, is very lovely and garden worthy. The plant has a bush-like habit and very lovely pink saucer-shaped flowers over a long period in summer to fall. Notwithstanding its common name, the flowers, at least to my eye, resemble small pink single roses, more than hollyhocks. Interesting maple leaf foliage. Full sun to light shade. Thank you to Jesse Ritz, who wild collected this for us in the BC interior, at the most northern part of its range.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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