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Searching Genus for Hepatica

A small genus of choice woodland plants native to the North Temperate zone.

HEPATICA acutiloba (Moist Packed)Spring1820
Native to eastern North America and a wonderful small plant for the woodland garden. Beautiful leathery green foliage forming a superb groundcover year round. Exquisite pink, white or purplish flowers appear in very early spring, before the foliage. Ideally for a moisture retentive spot in shade, but very drought resistant. In the wild grows in deciduous forests competing heavily with moisture-depleting trees such as sugar maple.Seed wild collected in Ontario.

If you follow the link below to our Gardens North Facebook, and consult the picture album "Germination of Hepatica, Asarum and Trillium grandiflorum" you can read my commentary on germination shortcuts for this species.
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist packed since harvest to preserve viability. Will germinate in moist-packing by mid-October each year, when kept at room temperature, so seed can only be sold until that time.
25 seeds  $5.00   

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