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Searching Genus for HIPPOPHAE

A small genus of 3 deciduous, thorny trees or shrubs from Asia with linear, gray foliage and fruits in the fall.

HIPPOPHAE rhamnoidesSpring1849
Sea Buckthorn2-5m  Zone: 2-3
Introduced from Eurasia, a very hardy, suckering shrub with lance-shaped, grey-green foliage above, silvery-white underneath. The branches are grey and spiny. Small, yellowish flowers in spring, before the leaves, followed by fleshy, orange berries. Both male and female shrubs are required for fruit production. A tough plant suited for a wide range of soils, doing well on poor, nitrogen-deficient sandy soils and slopes. Sea buckthorn is a significant source of vitamin C, carotene and B vitamins. An oil extracted from the berries is used to treat digestive disturbances. The fruit ripens at the end of August and is commonly used to make juices and jellies. A recommended alternative crop in Canada.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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