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Searching Genus for Dirca

A genus of two decidous shrubs native to North America.

DIRCA palustris (Moist Packed) New Very Early Spring1351
Eastern Leatherwood1-3m  Zone: 3
A deciduous, branching shrub native to eastern North America ranging into northern Ontario. In the wild it grows in moist, rich deciduous and mixed-wood forests. It has an architectural habit with large, light-green, obovate foliage turning yellow in autumn. Fragrant, small, yellow tube-like flowers appear in April to early May, before the leaves; surely the earliest woody species to bloom in the north. Branches are exceptionally pliant and resist breakage, accounting for it's common name. Slow growing and very long lived. Rarely offered because it is not widespread, and also because mature fruits are shed very quickly and synchronously after ripening. Seed wild collected in Ontario. Very limited.
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist packed as an aid to germination. Cold treatment required.
15 seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

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