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A large genus of trees and shrubs native to the Americas, Europe Africa and Asia with extremely hard wood, usually black.

DIOSPYROS virginiana (Moist Packed) New Early Summer1344
Eastern Persimmon, American Ebony12-18m  Zone: 4/5
A member of the Ebony family, this deciduous tree is native to eastern North America and one of the most widely-adapted of trees, growing naturally in bottomland swamps, along stream banks, in upland forests, in fields, pine woods, and even dry scrub land. Dark green, glossy, leathery, elliptic foliage colors yellow to reddish-purple in fall. The extremely ornamental and hard bark turns black on older trunks broken up into distinctive, regular square blocks, resembling alligator skin. Flowers are fragrant, small creamy-yellow bells with recurved petals hanging from the twigs. After the foliage drops in fall, the plum-sized, edible burnt-orange fruits dangle from the branches like Christmas balls.
Germination Instructions: Seed is moist packed as an aid to germination. Requires cold treatment.
7 Large seeds  $5.00   Sorry...Sold Out

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