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Searching Genus for Cornus

About 45 species of mostly deciduous shrubs or small trees, native to North America, Europe, Asia and Africa.

CORNUS amomumLate Spring1052
Silky Dogwood3-4m  Zone: 4
Native to eastern North America growing in moist places. A twiggy, many-stemmed shrub with older stems arching outwards. Creamy white blooms in spring. The showy fruits mature cobalt blue, then turn dark blue, quickly eaten by birds. Wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CORNUS canadensis (Moist Packed) New Spring1062
Bunchberry10cm  Zone: 2
One of our most beautiful native groundcovers found in moist, acid woods. Leaves in whorls and white flowers. Clusters of red berries follow. Wonderful under evergreens or with other acid loving plants. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: We have altered our germination thinking and packaging strategy, as there is good evidence suggesting that initial warm storage of seed prior to cold treatment may increase germination percentages.
30 seeds  $5.00   

CORNUS mas (Moist Packed) New Early Spring1049
Cornelian Cherry6m  Zone: 4
A beautiful and showy large shrub or small, densely branched tree native to Europe producing an abundance of yellow flowers on bare twigs in early spring. These are followed by large, bright red, cherry-like oblong edible fruits, making wonderful jam or preserves. Leaves turn reddish purple in fall. Very imited this season.
Germination Instructions: Germinates in a warm-cold-warm cycle. Is being kept at the first moist/warm cycle by being moist packed.
8 seeds  $4.50   Sorry...Sold Out

CORNUS racemosaSpring1045
Gray Dogwood3-4m  Zone: 3
Native from eastern Canada to Minnesota with grey-green narrow leaves. Strongly multi-stemmed and erect, with a suckering habit and therefore forming a colony. Older wood takes on a distinctive gray color which is extremely attractive and accounts for its common name. White flowers in spring, turning into a white-berried drupe. The fruit is eaten by over 100 birds. Adaptable for wet or dry soils, full shade to sun. Wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CORNUS stoloniferaSpring1054
Red Osier Dogwood1-3m  Zone: 3
For winter interest, this is surely our best native Cornus, displaying striking crimson twigs that color the landscape even in the bleakest winter. Understandably, it is the parent of a slew of hybrids. Found in moist areas, with a native range extending over much of North America, it is a spreading, many branched shrub, covered in spring by large clusters of creamy-white flowers, which attract butterflies. These produce whitish berries, with a blue tinge in mid to late summer. Many birds are attracted to this species as the berries provide food and the dense, twiggy nature of the plant is perfect for nesting and hiding. The leaves turn from reds to purples in the fall and the shiny, smooth red twigs, which give the plant its name, turn brilliant in cold weather and look striking against a snowy winter background. The young branches, (osiers) of this shrub have been used by Native American Indians in making baskets and the bark of the stems has been traditionally collected to make a red dye. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.00   

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