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COREMA conradii New Early Spring1034
Broom Crowberry30cm  Zone: 4
In mid-April, the sand barrens of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia are a haze of bronzy red/purple as the small flowers of Corema bloom en masse. Closely related to Empetrum, this is a beautiful small, mounded evergreen resembling a heath with needle-like foliage whorled on thin stems. Part of the Coastal Plains Flora; it is rare across it's range; although it is often hard to imagine this when one is in the midst of a large colony that can extend over acres. This is an elegant plant, grown for it's beautiful foliage all season. For full sun, in an acid soil. Seed wild collected in Nova Scotia.
Germination Instructions: Research on germination discloses massive germination in the wild the year following fire; yet mimicking these same conditions artificially has not produced the same result. Otherwise the only method that has produced (sparse) germination is cold treatmen
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