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Searching Genus for Comptonia

A one-species genus native to eastern North America.

COMPTONIA peregrinaSpring1015
Sweet Fern60-90cm  Zone: 3
Native to northeastern North America growing in openings in coniferous forest in well-drained, dry, acid, sandy or gravelly soils. The thin, narrow dark-green leaves are deeply divided into many lobes, resembling a fern. The whole plant has a beautifully spicy, aromatic odor, which is more pronounced when the leaves are bruised. It is densely branched, and rhizomatous in habit. Bark is smooth, shiny reddish-brown and heavily lenticeled. Both male and female flowers are produced. The former are borne in large cylindrical catkins in clusters at the ends of the branches and the latter in small egg-shaped catkins. Because it fixes nitrogen, does well on disturbed sites or sites with sterile soil. Drought and salt tolerant. An intriguing plant that performs wonderfully on poor, dry, sandy, acid soils. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Seed requires cold treatment. Outdoors over winter recommended, as oscillating temperatures stimulate germination.
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