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25-35 species of perennials native to North America. These handsome plants with attractive foliage and long racemes of pea-like flowers make an outstanding addition to the border. Best grown in full sun and rich soils, but will tolerate part shade, poor soil and drought. Extremely long-lived plants.

BAPTISIA australisEarly Summer572
Blue False Indigo90-120cm  Zone: 2
Deep indigo-blue flowers, followed by attractive seedpods. Clover-like blue-green foliage that stays fresh and attractive all season. Flower racemes are up to 25cm/10" long. This is an extremely long lived plant and slow to mature in the garden. Please allow it at least 3 years to flower and 2 more to reach its full majesty.
Germination Instructions: Sandpapering of seed required.
20 seeds  $3.50   

A large genus of perennials native to the tropics and subtropics of the Americas. Known and grown by many gardeners as annuals in temperate climates.

BEGONIA grandisAll Season583
Hardy Begonia30-45cm  Zone: 6
This tuberous species native to China and Japan occurs the most northerly and is believed to be hardy to Z6. I have not overwintered it but know it sometimes survives Z5 with a heavy winter mulch. Otherwise, it can be grown as an annual, dug and stored in damp peat over winter, or by collecting the bulbils which form in the leaf axils and starting again. Thrives in moist, humusy soil in semi-shade. Gorgeous red-veined yellow-green foliage, the leaves red underneath. Fragrant pink to rose-pink flowers on red stems. Very floriferous.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $4.25   

BEGONIA sinensisJuly-frost3757
30cm  Zone: 6?
Native to China, similar in habit to its Japanese counterpart B. grandis, this wonderful woodland perennial from China has smaller leaves and earlier flowering than B. grandis. Where it is hardy, it emerges from dormancy in mid-May, forming a small clump covered most of the season by light pink flowers. Small bulbils form at each leaf axil to aid in propagation.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30+ seeds  $4.50   


BERKHEYA multijugaJuly-September3734
South African Thistle60-80cm  Zone: 4/5
From the Drakensberg, a source of many great, hardy plants--this species is normally listed as only zone 7, but is much hardier than this. A rosette of glossy green prickly foliage and stems holding large bright yellow daisies in summer.
Germination Instructions: Seed has a low germination rate, but extra has been provided to compensate. Easy, warm germination.
20 seeds  $4.00   

BERKHEYA purpureaSummer595
Purple Berkheya60cm  Zone: 3/4
This is a stunning thistle native to South Africa, growing on moist, rocky, grassy slopes in its native habitat. This surprisingly hardy species survives in northern Ontario (Zone 3/4), where it has shown no invasive tendencies whatsoever. An extraordinary plant large purple flowers flowers in summer over very prickly, dark green foliage with attractive looking cobwebs draped over the leaves, which add to its character. Also excellent cut or dried.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

A genus of 60 trees and shrubs known for their beautiful glossy bark, often exfoliating, in shades of white, pink, amber or brown.

BETULA alleghaniensisSpring596
Yellow Birch20m  Zone: 3
Yellow Birch is native to northern hardwoods and the provincial tree of Quebec. It is a medium-size tree with an irregular crown. Leaves are dark green, egg-shaped, pointed at the tip, and serrated, turning yellow in autumn. The light-gray or shiny golden bark is smooth on young trees, becoming a dark yellow-gold and separating into thin, papery shreds; breaking into ragged plates as the tree matures. It is a lovely sight seeing the sun playing on the shredded gold bark.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30 seeds  $4.25   

BETULA lenta611
Black, Sweet or Cherry Birch15-18m  Zone: 3
This species was at one time the only source of oil of wintergreen. It is the aroma of wintergreen emanating from crushed leaves and broken twigs to which this birch owes its common name, sweet. Its specific name, lenta, is derived from the tough yet flexible twigs that characterize the species. The wood is also unique. When exposed to air it darkens to a color resembling mahogany and, in times past, was used as an inexpensive substitute for the more valued tropical wood. Native to eastern North America, it is a fast-growing medium-sized tree with a broad, spreading and round crown. The shiny, toothed green leaves reliably colour a uniform golden yellow in autumn. Mature bark is black and plate-like, non-exfoliating. Resistant to bronze birch borer.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment recommended.
30 seeds  $4.25   

BETULA populifolia601
Gray Birch6-12m  Zone: 4
Native to eastern North America, preferring dry barren uplands, also moist soils, in mixed woodlands. Gray birch is a small, fast-growing species, often multiple-trunked in habit and with drooping branches. Bark is non-peeling, grey to very chalky-white. Attractive shiny, dark-green foliage turns yellow in fall. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Easy warm germinator.
50 seeds  $4.00   


BOEHMERIA tricuspisMid-Summer625
Red Flax or Grass Turtle Tail50-80cm  Zone: 3
Native to Japan, China and North Korea, growing in the mountains in shady places. This is a fascinating, very ornamental (non-stinging) member of the Nettle family. The beautiful, large opposite leaves (to 15cm) are deep-green and distinctly veined. The tip of the leaves is forked, and the center ends in a long, distinctive tail. Stems are a rich dark red. Long tails of flowers form in the leaf axils turning from green to burgundy. For the shady edge of the woodland garden. Very rare in commerce.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
50+ seeds  $4.25   

Set of 6 exquisite full-colour photographs of native species by Canadian photographer, William Reynolds. Cards open up to ample writing space. Envelopes included. Each 4.5" by 6.25" card is a different species (Trillium erectum, Hepatica americana, Lobelia cardinalis, Nyphaea odorate, Iris versicolor and Caltha palustris.

BOTANICAL NOTECARDS - and envelopes2407
Before sale price was $12.00.

A genus of 100 deciduous or evergreen shrubs and trees with flowers in panicles, native to tropical and subtropical regions.

BUDDLEJA japonicaLate Summer/Autumn640
Japanese Butterfly Bush90-120cm
A rare, deciduous, arching shrub from China and Japan, growing on mountain slopes and in scrub. Bears long, dense, pendulous terminal panicles of fragrant woolly lavender flowers. Produces berries, instead of the usual genus seed capsules. This species will behave like a herbaceous species in cold climates; annually re-sprouting from the base.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
100 seeds  $4.50   

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