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Searching Genus for Asclepias

A large genus of 200 species, with a wide distribution, but most are concentrated in North America and Africa. Once established they are easily grown plants with attractive foliage, intricate flowers and seed pods suitable for drying. The primary host plant for the Monarch butterfly.

ASCLEPIAS incarnataLate Summer508
Swamp Milkweed120-150cm  Zone: 2
Native to eastern North America and a magnificent, accomodating perennial. Grows best in moist soils, but also thrives in ordinary garden conditions. Tight umbels of amazingly intricate bright pink flowers and linear, pointed leaves. Seed wild collected in Ontario.
25 seeds  $3.50   

ASCLEPIAS speciosaSummer520
Showy Milkweed90cm  Zone: 2
Native to central and western North America. Very fragrant globose umbels of rose-coloured flowers on a tall Milkweed. Seed wild collected in British Columbia.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.00   

ASCLEPIAS tuberosaMid Summer512
Butterfly Weed30-75cm  Zone: 4
One of the most beautiful North American natives. Brilliant, waxy tangerine flowers in clusters. This species is essential to the Monarch butterfly. Interesting variations are obtainable from seed, including deep yellow and bright orange. Drought tolerant and sun loving. Flowers first year from an early start indoors.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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