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Searching Genus for Aconitum

100 species of summer to fall-flowering plants of great importance. Native from asiatic mountains to the Appalachians. The common name refers to the hooded, or helmet-shaped flowers, borne in erect racemes. Dark, delphinium-like leaves. For moist well-drained soil in full sun to part shade. All species are poisonous.

ACONITUM lamarckii (Moist Packed) New Summer-Late Summer90
Yellow Monkshood1.3m+  Zone: 4
Native to the Alps and Pyrenees. Above deeply dissected dark-green foliage, tall racemse of airy greenish, pale-yellow helmets beginning in mid to late summer and often blooming into early September.
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist packed to preserve viability. Cold treatment required.
25+ seeds  $5.00   

ACONITUM lycoctonum ssp. moldavicum (Moist-Pack)Summer71
120cm  Zone: 4
This subspecies is native to eastern Europe. Branching stems carry lilac-purple hoods.

Photograph by: Ari Hyvarinen
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist-packed since collection. Requires cold treatment to germinate.
20 seeds  $5.00   

ACONITUM orientale (Moist Packed) New Summer100
Russian Aconite150cm  Zone: 3
Native to Russia, a spectacular, tall species with yellowish-white flowers overlaid with pink-purple in large, extremely dense racemes up to 50cm in length in summer. This is the direct descendant of seed originally wild collected in Russia.
Germination Instructions: Seed has been moist-packed to preserve viability. Cold treatment required.
30+ seeds  $5.00   

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