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Searching Genus for Acer

Deciduous trees native to North Temperate Zones. As a group, among the most valuable of landscape trees.

ACER japonicum Aconitifolium New Spring36
Fern Leaf Maple5-10m  Zone: 5/6
Native to Japan and Korea, a small maple with drooping corymbs of purplish-red flowers in spring. The beautiful, deeply incised foliage turns a spectacular range of colour in the autumn, yellow, orange, reds, pinks and purples-- often on the same leaf. Offspring will come true to type. Limited this year.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
15 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

ACER pseudosieboldianum New Spring21
Purplebloom or Korean Maple6m  Zone: 3
This is the choice for all of you who have been longing for a Japanese maple but live in an area with extremely cold winters. Leaves are similar to Acer japonicum and Acer palmatum in shape and texture but its habit is more open than either. Most maples have green or yellowish green flowers, however, on this species they are purple. A beautiful small landscape tree with the bonus of good fall colors ranging from scarlet to orange and yellow. Best used as a focal point in part shade in company with low growing ferns and shade tolerant perennials. Very limited this year.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
15 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

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