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ATHYRIUM(Lady or Glade Ferns)Family: WOODSIACEAE
A genus of about 180 species most of which are medium to large sized ferns with stout, sometimes creeping rhizomes. Grow maintly in moist to wet places, usually in woods or thickets, even swamps where they receive only part sun. Suitable for the woodland garden, particularly as groundcovers as they will spread fairly rapidly because of their creeping rhizomes.

ATHYRIUM filix-femina564
Lady Fern38-90cm  Zone: 2
Found in moist woods, swamps and thickets, usually in subacid soil. A deciduous fern with bright green, lanceolate twice-pinnate fronds. It produces new fronds from early spring into mid to late summer. Lady fern is a slowly spreading species and grows best in light to moderate shade in moist, well drained soil, neutral to somewhat acidic. Will tolerate drier conditions, but fronds will not look as good in late summer. Spores wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Fern spore germination instructions will be included.


GYMNOCARPIUM dryopteris1750
Oak Fern15-30cm  Zone: 1
A delicate, small and very hardy fern with a circumpolar distribution ranging as far north as the Yukon and Alaska. The broadly-triangular fronds are lime-green and usually held nearly horizontal. A wonderful little colonizer for the woodland garden. Spores wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Spore germination instructions will be sent.

A large genus of 135 species found principally in the North Temperate region. The common name refers to the margins of the fronds, which resemble in a small way the spine-like protuberances on Holly leaves. Found in moist woods or among rocks; a few species are found in crevices or on ledges of cliffs.

POLYSTICHUM acrostichoides2807
Christmas Fern30-75cm  Zone: 3
One of the first ferns to send up fiddleheads in the spring. Covered with scruffy brown scales, they arise from the clump of last year's fronds flattened by winter's snow. The glossy, dark green leaves are more erect in summer, growing in dense, asymmetrical clumps. This is one of the best ferns for the woodland garden. It has elegant evergreen fronds, a neat pattern of growth, and is tolerant of deep shade; combining well with woodland shrubs and herbaceous perennials. If planted thickly, will serve as an attractive evergreen ground cover. Spores wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Fern spore germination instructions will be provided.


THELYPTERIS palustris New 3466
Marsh Fern60-90cm  Zone: 3
A widely distributed wetland fern growing in swamps, bogs, wet meadows, wet woods, and marshes, also along riverbanks and roadside ditches. Each frond arises individually from a creeping rhizome without forming clumps. The fronds are light green, finely-cut and lacey.
Germination Instructions: Fern spore germination instructions will be provided.

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