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We are utterly charmed with the North American viorna group of Clematis, and have decided to give them their own link on this website. This is a sweet group of small-flowered, urn-shaped species native to the eastern USA, sadly neglected in commerce and rare in gardens. The group is comprised of the following species: Clematis addisonii, albicoma, baldwinii, carrizoensis, coactilis, crispa, fremontii, glaucophylla, morefieldii, ochroleuca, pitcheri, reticulata, socialis, texensis, versicolor, viorna and viticaulis.

I cannot recommend too highly Carol Lim's wonderful "American Bells" site ( which has "been created to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of the North American viorna group Clematis species."

Carol states "The viorna group Clematis are superb native plants. They pose no pruning dilemma - all dying to the ground each winter, have no wilt problems, attract hummingbirds, and can be tucked into small gardens as well as large. A few make great trough plants. Some are fragrant. All have attractive seed heads which give extended interest in the garden. About half of the species are small, non-climbing herbaceous plants while the remaining are vines."

It's a lovely thought to imagine a day when all the species in the section might be represented here. Expect more additions over the next few weeks.


With some exceptions, Clematis seed are not long lived, even in optimum storage. During early to late fall of each year, we revise our listings, removing all stock from the previous season, and slowly replacing it with fresh seed, as it becomes available.

As I know many of you wait for the Clematis each season, rest assured that the list will continue to grow from October through December, with the same process repeating itself each season. Check back regularly, or write to ask about future availability of particular species.

CLEMATIS campaniflora981
6m  Zone: 6?
In the viticella section, considered by some as a variety of C. viticella. Magnus Johnson keeps the species designation, as we have here. Native to Portugal and southern Spain, growing in stony, mountainous terrain in thickets, woodlands and hedges. A deciduous climber with pinnate leaves, bearing white lilac-tinged) flowers in mid to late summer.
Germination Instructions: Germination pattern is warm-cold-warm.
15 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS fremontii938
Fremont's Leather Flowerto 45cm  Zone: 3
Fremont's Leather flower is native to a fairly restricted area of Kansas, Missouri and Nebraska. This is a shrubby clematis producing bell-shaped purple flowers.
Germination Instructions: Extended warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS mandshuricaJune-August909
2m  Zone: 2/3
It has been a few years since we have carried this very hardy native to NE China, Mongolia, northern Korea and Russia growing in shrubberies and on open wooded slopes. In some circles known as C. terniflora var. mandshurica. Wonderful, glossy deep green pinnate foliage with glaborous stems. Flowers are cruciform, pure white and produced in abundance over a full two months period summer to early fall. Powerfully scented with a hawthorn fragrance. Highly recommended for northern gardeners who cannot grow C. terniflora.
Germination Instructions: Warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS occidentalis (New Brunswick) New 895
A wild collection of the species from southwestern New Brunswick. Beautiful, nodding and flared violet-blue flowers.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS occidentalis (Ontario)Late Spring920
Mountain or Purple Clematis2-3m  Zone: 2
Native to the Canadian prairie ranging north into the Yukon, found in open woods, attaching itself to shrubs and small trees or growing as a ground cover. Foliage is light green. Beautiful, nodding and flared violet-blue flowers.

Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Germination pattern is warm-cold-warm.
30 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS occidentalis var. grosserrata New Late Spring980
Western Blue VirginsbowerZone: 1/2
This variety is native to western North America ranging north into the Yukon, found in open woods, attaching itself to shrubs and small trees or growing as a ground cover. Foliage is light green. Nodding, flared violet-blue flowers.
Germination Instructions: Germinates in a warm-cold-warm pattern.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS potanini ssp. fargesii New Summer-Fall893
2-5m  Zone: 4?
Very similar to the type species but shorter. The leaves are similar with leaflets more rounded or heart-shaped and more acutely toothed. Flowers are slightly smaller, but borne in larger lateral cycmes. Has a more northerly distribution in western China and might therefore be hardier.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS serratifolia New Late Summer905
to 3.6m  Zone: 4
Although superficially thought to resemble C. tangutica, this native of Japan and Korea has the form of C. alpina; opening into a wide nodding bell of clear yellow. Subtle lemon scent. This is a vigorous species which has its uses for that very reason, but care should be taken if self-sowing begins to become a problem.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
30 seeds  $4.00   

CLEMATIS virginianaLate Summer911
Virgin's Bower6m  Zone: 3
Native to North America with light green leaves and panicles of creamy white flowers. A common sight in our neighbourhood is farm fences and trees covered with a combination of Virgin's Bower and the annual cucumber vine: (Echinocystis lobata). The frothy effect of both is extremely lovely and satisfying. I like it as a sprawling groundcover over dead tree stumps or down a slope. Wild collected in Ontario.
20 seeds  $4.00   

CLEMATIS viticellaSummer913
Italian Vine Bower3-4m  Zone: 2
Considered by some to be the most trouble free and foolproof Clematis, this climbing species has been of prime importance in breeding since its introduction in the late 16th century. Free-flowering and vigorous, it will happily scramble through trees or shrubs. Blue nodding lantern-shaped flowers. Seed derives from an original wild collection.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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