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Searching Category for CLEMATIS
We are utterly charmed with the North American viorna group of Clematis, and have decided to give them their own link on this website. This is a sweet group of small-flowered, urn-shaped species native to the eastern USA, sadly neglected in commerce and rare in gardens. The group is comprised of the following species: Clematis addisonii, albicoma, baldwinii, carrizoensis, coactilis, crispa, fremontii, glaucophylla, morefieldii, ochroleuca, pitcheri, reticulata, socialis, texensis, versicolor, viorna and viticaulis.

I cannot recommend too highly Carol Lim's wonderful "American Bells" site ( which has "been created to promote the appreciation and enjoyment of the North American viorna group Clematis species."

Carol states "The viorna group Clematis are superb native plants. They pose no pruning dilemma - all dying to the ground each winter, have no wilt problems, attract hummingbirds, and can be tucked into small gardens as well as large. A few make great trough plants. Some are fragrant. All have attractive seed heads which give extended interest in the garden. About half of the species are small, non-climbing herbaceous plants while the remaining are vines."

It's a lovely thought to imagine a day when all the species in the section might be represented here. Expect more additions over the next few weeks.


With some exceptions, Clematis seed are not long lived, even in optimum storage. During early to late fall of each year, we revise our listings, removing all stock from the previous season, and slowly replacing it with fresh seed, as it becomes available.

As I know many of you wait for the Clematis each season, rest assured that the list will continue to grow from October through December, with the same process repeating itself each season. Check back regularly, or write to ask about future availability of particular species.

CLEMATIS carrizoensis New 3804
Carrizo Sands Leather FlowerZone: 5
A new, narrowly endemic species described from the Carrizo Sands of northeastern Texas. Yellowish-cream tinged lilac flowers over thick, reticulate foliage.
Germination Instructions: Germinates over an extended period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.50   

CLEMATIS crispa New All Season945
Curly Clematis, Swamp Leatherflower2-2.5m  Zone: 4/5
Native to the southeastern USA, growing in mucky places, but perfectly happy in ordinary garden conditions, tolerating moderate shade to sun. This delicate species has a lovely, spicy fragrance and distinctive shape, accounting for it's common name. Four sepals are melded together at the base forming a bell shape. About half way from the base, the sepals separate and curl back to form a complete circle as it touches itself. The edges of the sepals are ruffled and end in a sharp tip.
Germination Instructions: Seed germinates over a long period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS fusca (Dark Form) New Mid to Late Summer956
2m  Zone: 3
A very hardy, easy to grow and fascinating species with a wide distribution in the wild from eastern Russia, Mongolia, Korea and NE China, growing in open, bushy places and in shrubberies. A herbaceous climber with nodding, urn-shaped flowers borne on thick, often purplish-brown peduncles, with downy pedicels. The dark reddish-brown thick-textured flowers are covered with a dark felt of fur. This collection is from my darkest, almost black flowers Very limited this season.
Germination Instructions: Extended warm germinator. GA-3 speeds up germination.
15 seeds  $4.50   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS glaucophylla New Summer to Fall957
Whiteleaf Leather Flower3m  Zone: 4
Native to the eastern USA and closely related to texensis with glaucous, bluish foliage beautiful against the hot pink edged in yellow flowers. In the wild it grows along stream banks in acidic to neutral soil.
Germination Instructions: Germinates over a long period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS integrifolia New Summer888
60-90cm  Zone: 1
A herbaceous clematis, forming an expanding clump that can be left sprawling as a groundcover or allowed to grow over a nearby shrub. Nodding, urn-shaped and slightly flaring lavender to violet-blue flowers with creamy white stamens. Only a few packs.
Germination Instructions: Germinates over a long period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.00   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS morefieldii New Early Summer3803
Morefield's leather-flower 5m  Zone: 5
A federally endangered species with a very limited range in northern Alabama and south-east Tennessee, growing in open woods among limestone boulders. Beautiful urn-shaped pink flowers, suffused with green. Very limited quantity
Germination Instructions: Germinates over an extended period at warm
15 seeds  $4.75   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS occidentalis Late Spring920
Mountain or Purple Clematis2-3m  Zone: 2
Native to the Canadian prairie ranging north into the Yukon, found in open woods, attaching itself to shrubs and small trees or growing as a ground cover. Foliage is light green. Beautiful, nodding and flared violet-blue flowers.

Seed wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Germination pattern is warm-cold-warm.
20 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS ochroleuca New Early Summer936
Curly Heads30-45cm  Zone: 4
Native to eastern North America, found along the Atlantic Coast from New York, southward to Georgia; growing in dry, rocky forests or on sandy grasslands. This rarely available bush Clematis is topped in late spring to early summer with hairy creamy-yellow to violet-blue urn-shaped flowers. Curly-headed seeds follow. I am very grateful for this wild collection from North Carolina.
Germination Instructions: Germinates at an extended period at warm.
12 seeds  $4.50   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS pitcheri (Illinois)Summer930
Purple Leatherflower3.5m  Zone: 4
A beautiful, long-blooming semi-woody climber native to the central USA growing on forest margins and stream banks. Climbs by means of twining petioles. Long lasting urn-shaped flowers with recurved petals. Collected near Chicago. Fairly typical in appearance, but the flowers are fragrant at close range.
Germination Instructions: Extended warm germinator.
15 seeds  $4.25   

CLEMATIS scottii New Summer887
Sugarbowl15cm  Zone: 4
One of the most distinctive species in the genus, native to the Rocky Mountains. The fact that it has historically been placed in both Anemone and Pulsatilla shows that there was no initial agreement as to the status of the plant. The beautiful purple-blue nodding flowers are over glaucous, bluish-green foliage. Perfect for the rock or crevice garden. Very limited this year.
Germination Instructions: Germinates over a long period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS tubulosa New Late Summer927
1.5m  Zone: 4
This is a herbaceous species often confused with C. heracleifolia---but it is quite different---with upright, widely-spreading flowers, bunched together in tight clusters at the upper leaf nodes. Large tomentose leaves and hyacinth-like, fragrant blue-purple flowers late in the season.
Germination Instructions: Easy, warm germinator.
20 seeds  $4.25   Sorry...Sold Out

CLEMATIS vinacea New 977
Zone: 4
Originally from Tennessee and a recently named new viorna group species. It is reminiscent of viorna, but with fine white/gray hairs on the young leaves and stems as well as a completely dusky pink canescent flower. Very lovely and long blooming
Germination Instructions: Germination is over a long period at warm.
15 seeds  $4.50   

CLEMATIS viorna group mix New 894
This is a mix of the following species in the American Viorna Clematis group: crispa, glaucophylla, moorefieldii, pitcheri, reticulata, versicolor and viorna. Open pollinated.
Germination Instructions: All species germinate over an extended period at warm. We suggest you use the moist-vermiculite and baggie method for germination.
30 seeds  $4.50   

CLEMATIS virginianaLate Summer911
Virgin's Bower6m  Zone: 3
Native to North America with light green leaves and panicles of creamy white flowers. A common sight in our neighbourhood is farm fences and trees covered with a combination of Virgin's Bower and the annual cucumber vine: (Echinocystis lobata). The frothy effect of both is extremely lovely and satisfying. I like it as a sprawling groundcover over dead tree stumps or down a slope. Wild collected in Ontario.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required
20 seeds  $4.00   

CLEMATIS viticellaSummer913
Italian Vine Bower3-4m  Zone: 2
Considered by some to be the most trouble free and foolproof Clematis, this climbing species has been of prime importance in breeding since its introduction in the late 16th century. Free-flowering and vigorous, it will happily scramble through trees or shrubs. Blue nodding lantern-shaped flowers. Seed derives from an original wild collection.
Germination Instructions: Cold treatment required.
20 seeds  $4.25   

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